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Information and Uses of Bamboo Flower Sticks

Bamboo Flower Sticks

Information and Uses of Bamboo Flower Sticks

When you are looking to improve your garden and still keep things natural and environmentally friendly, you might want to look at using bamboo flower sticks. Below we look at some information on how the sticks are made and the way they are used by people especially for gardening and nurturing of plants.


How are bamboo flower sticks made?

Natural bamboo is harvested and then split in to strips. These support sticks for plants are then created using a forming machine. The bamboo flower sticks are evenly sized and trimmed to equal lengths and then dried in ovens for 24 hours. After the sticks to hold up plants are dried and polished, they are sharpened to be inserted in to the ground easily. These support sticks for plants are used to support plants in greenhouses, on farms, in nurseries and even at home in the garden. These sticks for plants are available in lengths of 12 cm up to 90cm and diameters of 2mm up to 8mm thick. This means that they can be used for a wide variety of plants, from the most fragile flowers up to trees.


Why use sticks for plants?

Unlike plastic sticks for plants, these bamboo flower sticks are natural and can also be quite versatile. You can even have them dyed or stained and then coated with a lacquer to hold in the colors. This allows you a wide array of colors to compliment your garden. These sticks to hold up plants are also treated so that they don't contain insects or mold. This means that these support sticks for plants will lost much longer than most other types including the usual plastic sticks for plants which lose color and durability over time. Most avid gardeners know the varied uses of bamboo sticks, plants are protected and supported so they grow better. With the right kind of bamboo sticks, plants that are young or small can be protected and propped up if necessary so they grow properly. Flowers are especially delicate and using sticks to hold up plants such as these, means they can be supported until they are stronger. The sticks also perform a decorative function by bringing order to your garden when planted as borders or in circles around plants. Mix and match sizes and colours to make your garden a little more impressive.


What other characteristics do bamboo sticks for plants have?

These support sticks for plants are usually treated to withstand water and the ravages of being in moist soil for an extended period of time. They also do not inhibit the warmth of the sun from coming through, allowing the young plants to thrive. These sticks are usually available in natural, brown, green or black but can be found occasionally in other colours. Being natural, when they are no longer used for supporting your plants, you can use them in your compost heap and add them back in to your soil once they have been broken down.


Why would you use plastic sticks for plants which are not are durable as their bamboo alternative? Bamboo sticks plants easier in to the soil and look much better. Bamboo sticks are also environmentally friendly and sustainable as opposed to plastic which causes pollution and damage to the environment. With bamboo sticks being plant based, they will eventually degrade naturally and can be used to fertilize the soil after they are no longer useful as supporting sticks. Bamboo sticks for plants are the responsible choice for gardeners that are growing saplings and flowers. Keep it green while making your garden flourish.