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The Varied Uses of Disposable bamboo skewers


The Varied Uses of Knotted Bamboo Skewers

Knotted bamboo skewers are used in catering and cooking and are something that should be found in every entertainer’s arsenal. Choosing eco-friendly products such as bamboo is a great way to help the planet while enjoying some amazing meals utilizing these types of skewers. You can use long bamboo skewers and flat bamboo skewers in a variety of different ways. Knotted bamboo skewers are usually available in reusable or disposable versions.


Why should you be using bamboo skewers?

Besides being perfect for a wide variety of purposes, bamboo is environmentally friendly. Using wood skewers and disposing of them is not sustainable long term and adds to deforestation. They can also not be adequately cleaned.


How to use bamboo skewers

Knotted bamboo skewers, flat bamboo skewers and long bamboo skewers can be used in catering and for home use. They are perfect for making small bites, kebabs, appetizers and even in cocktails. Use bamboo skewers to keep your garnishes in place. You should also try using bamboo skewers to hold club sandwiches and mini hamburgers in place so they look great and don't lose any finishing.


When looking at how to use bamboo skewers, you might want to look at making items such as meat kebabs, fruit kebabs, fruit salad skewers, fruit for dipping in chocolate sauce and even salad on a stick. Make bamboo skewers with meats and cheese and pickled onions or peppers for color on your snack platters. If you enjoy cheese platters, use your bamboo skewers for various cheeses for easy eating. Bamboo skewers work well for fondue as well, you can get very creative.


Added benefits to using bamboo skewers is that they can be disposed of without any real concern and they have a much lower environmental impact that wood. They are fine to freeze, keep in the fridge and store at room temperature without any changes to the material.


What are the most important features of bamboo knotted skewers?

Most people know how to use bamboo skewers. There is a point on one side for easy skewering of foods. The other side has a decorative twist which looks fancy especially when you use them on platters and for cocktail drinks. These flat bamboo skewers and long bamboo skewers can be used in various ways and for a number of purposes. They are durable and can be used safely for quite a period of time before being disposed of. You can put them in to your compost bin or directly in to the garbage and know that they will eventually degrade naturally.


You should buy bamboo skewers bulk lots so that you always have some handy. They are perfect for finger food and hors d'oeuvres. The pointy ends make them perfect for skewering meat such as pieces of pork, beef or chicken to saute or barbecue. If they are soaked in water, they can be used directly over the fire without burning. They also do not heat up like metal utensils, so will stay cool to the touch. You can use the smaller bamboo skewers for shrimp and fruit pieces for easy dipping in to sauces. Knotted bamboo skewers are very versatile and once you start using bamboo skewers you are likely to find even more uses for them.


When you buy bamboo skewers bulk you should try and buy a few different sizes and in that way save some money while always being ready to entertain at a moment’s notice. Serve guests finger food using your skewers to make a quick, easy variety of items with minimal fuss and clean-up is easy. You may also like to buy long bamboo skewers bulk packs if you enjoy baking as they are perfect to check on your baked goods while still in the oven. The longer length allows you to prick the foods to check they are done without burning yourself. So many uses for this versatile, alternate item for catering and even just for dinner.